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Ruben Gonzalez, a native of Puerto Rico, was raised in Massachusetts and developed a profound interest in dancing from an early age. His passion for movement and entertainment sparked at the age of 14 when he avidly watched MTV and VH1, meticulously studying and emulating the choreography featured in music videos.

During his high school years, Ruben dedicated his free time to songwriting, honing his freestyling skills, and further immersing himself in the world of movement. At the age of 15, he took the initiative to establish a dance crew, which went on to compete in various events across the city of Lawrence. Through a fortuitous connection with Maria Morgan (Quity) at Lawrence Ballet Academy, Ruben had the opportunity to teach dance and, in return, received training in Ballet, Lyrical, and Contemporary styles.

This early exposure and immersion in the world of dance laid the foundation for Ruben's lifelong pursuit of artistic expression and mastery of various dance genres.

At the age of 21, Ruben embarked on a significant milestone in his dance career by successfully auditioning for the renowned Static Noyze Dance Company based in Boston, MA. His exceptional talent secured him a coveted spot within the company, and from 2010 to 2017, he actively participated in performances and competitions alongside his fellow dancers.

During the years 2013 to 2016, Ruben's passion for dance led him to relocate to New York City. There, he seized the opportunity to partake in the esteemed Work Study Program at Broadway Dance Center, expanding his knowledge and skills. His dedication and commitment paid off as he showcased his abilities at Sybarite under the guidance of local choreographers. Additionally, he engaged in the rigorous Establish Your Empire dance intensive hosted by GiGi Torres.

In the summer of 2016, Ruben briefly returned to Boston, reuniting with Static Noyze Dance Company for a year. During this period, he resumed competing alongside the company in local dance competitions, including notable events like Elements and more.

In 2016 Ruben secured a remarkable opportunity as the Choreographer at Movement City Youth Center in Lawrence, MA. During his tenure at the youth center, he initiated the foundations of Elite Dance Movement (now known as Fresh Elite Movement), a dance company dedicated to nurturing the talent of young dancers within the community.

In the summer of 2017, Ruben returned to New York City, where he temporarily stepped away from choreography, taking a few years to focus on personal growth while still actively participating in dance classes to further enhance his skills.

After a two-year hiatus, Ruben made the decision to return to Lawrence, MA, seeking to prioritize his mental well-being and refine his creative ideas. With his homecoming, he was graciously welcomed back to Movement City Youth Center, where he breathed new life into Elite Dance Movement, introducing a new division called The Elite Force, tailored for aspiring young dancers taking their initial steps in the dance world. As a result, Elite Dance Movement has showcased their talents at numerous events throughout the city, setting their sights on making a breakthrough in the vibrant Boston Dance Scene.

During his personal journey of prioritizing his mental well-being, Ruben embarked on a new endeavor in 2019 by venturing into the world of podcasting. Together with Nina Montanez, he co-created "Sofrito Speaks," a groundbreaking podcast that fearlessly delves into taboo topics prevalent in Latino households. With a perfect blend of humor and insightful advice, the podcast aims to facilitate difficult conversations, bridging generational gaps, and contributing to the healing of intergenerational trauma.

Since its inception, "Sofrito Speaks" has garnered significant recognition, amassing over 15,000 global streams and currently thriving in its sixth season. The podcast's impact was acknowledged when it earned a nomination at the esteemed Latin Podcast Awards in 2020, solidifying its place as a trailblazing voice in the podcasting sphere.

In 2020, Ruben expanded his podcasting portfolio with the creation of "RueAlity," a captivating platform that combines music commentary, interviews with local artists, and lighthearted discussions on cultural topics. One notable highlight was when "RueAlity" was featured on Billboard, specifically showcasing Episode 04 of Season 01, featuring a captivating interview between Rue and Saemo.

Through his podcasts, Ruben continues to make a profound impact by fostering dialogue, amplifying voices, and providing a platform for expression within the diverse realms of Latino culture and music.

In 2022, Ruben's talent and hard work paid off as he secured a coveted spot in QWAM after a successful audition, an esteemed performance group. Throughout the Spring 2022 competition season, Ruben showcased his exceptional talent and dedication as a performer.

Looking towards the future, Ruben remains committed to his journey of continuous learning and teaching. With unwavering passion and ambition, he aspires to elevate his podcasts into even greater platforms, amplifying diverse voices and fostering meaningful conversations.

As Ruben embraces the opportunities that lie ahead, his dedication to growth, artistic expression, and making a positive impact on the world will undoubtedly propel him towards even greater accomplishments in the years to come.

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